Patient Success Stories

The road to recovery starts here! Learn more about us from our patients.


Kevin started physical therapy with Garrett Blanton, PTA, after an above the knee amputation as a result of blood clots.

“Without a doubt, Garrett has been a major part of my recovery. He goes above and beyond to keep me on track and will do anything to help me get back to a normal life. The team welcomes you with open arms and I cannot describe how lucky I’ve been. Garrett and the team will forever be a part of my memories after this huge life change!”

Garrett and Kevin have been working together for several weeks to ensure Kevin adjusts to his prosthesis and regains his strength. We’re so proud of how far Kevin has come on his recovery journey and cannot wait to see him continue to get stronger every day.


"I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am! My migraines were debilitating. When pain began, it would last for days. Now I can go several months’ pain-free, and my migraines have become less frequent. If I do have pain, it is minimal and goes away quickly. I also don’t have to have a fusion done, thanks to Bo!"


"Seven weeks ago I started physical therapy with Rehab Associates for a frozen right shoulder. I also have a severely torn rotator cuff, arthritis and bursitis in this shoulder. When I came for my first session, I was in pain with limited movement in my shoulder. I now have more range of motion in my arm and shoulder with hardly any pain. The staff are so friendly, caring and want to do anything they can to get you back in good shape."

When Judy was experiencing persistent pain in her shoulder, she began physical therapy to alleviate her discomfort. After an evaluation, Pengfei Hao, P.T., ATC, at our Millbrook center created an individualized treatment plan to help Judy. Through a variety of exercises, Pengfei was able to improve Judy’s shoulder movement.

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