Patient Success Stories

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“I had a stroke on January 31, and to say it has been a life-changing experience would be an understatement. From the first day of physical therapy with Pontus and Marcus, the team made me feel like I was in good hands.”

Rehab Associates Patient Success Story Ravven


"I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am! My migraines were debilitating. When pain began, it would last for days. Now I can go several months’ pain-free, and my migraines have become less frequent. If I do have pain, it is minimal and goes away quickly. I also don’t have to have a fusion done, thanks to Bo!” 

Rehab Associates Patient Success Story Lisa


“All of the staff was great and went out of their way to put in the extra effort during therapy. Compared to before my surgery, I have improved getting up, in and out of the car, bending my knee, walking more than three miles and I’m able to go up the stairs without pain. I’m looking forward to resuming my normal day-to-day activities again.”

Rehab Associates Patient Success Story Willie

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